Diaphan Studio

(Lecce, Italy)
Diaphan Studio
Established in 2019 by college friends Alessandro Giacomelli and Dominique Wolniewicz, Diaphan is a design studio born as a fusion of the duo’s skills, know-how, and true passion for art. Both architects were profoundly interested in Light and its interaction with the surrounding environment. Alessandro and Dominique’s passion inspired them to grow this fascination from their own home, where they started developing several designs, later produced and installed in private settings. This encouraged them to develop their vision into a creative design studio that is now at the forefront of transforming light into poetic experiences. The studio is committed to excellence in design and craftsmanship, striving to set new standards of quality and visual effects by fusing light together with carefully crafted objects. With a hands-on approach to every project - testing with prototypes and a broad range of lighting solutions - we create a new world where interior objects blend with unique art pieces, giving birth to exceptional colors and forms. Combining a research-based approach with a contemporary interpretation of often invisible natural geometries, a blend of refined materials, and sophisticated light components, Diaphan holds the art of a permanent value. Less than one year after it was established, Diaphan was selected to showcase its first collection, called ISOS, at the Young Designer’s section at Milan Design Week.
Diaphan Studio


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