(Ühlingen-Birkendorf, Germany)
Eichkorn is identified with sculptural and aesthetic furniture manufactured from the best materials and with great craftsmanship. It was founded in Germany by Felix Eichkorn and Ruben Rebmann. Growing up in a tiny town in Germany gave the two designers the chance to explore the concept of nature, which is reflected in their work in a unique way. They learnt many skills while immersing themselves in the inner workings of a century-old workshop, allowing them to develop the universe of Eichkorn, which is today a global brand. Using nature to inspire art is a unique idea that has emerged in recent years. From sketch to craft, the beauty of the outer world influences the transformation of ideas into real goods. Eichkorn, the pinnacle of quality, offers stunning products with sustainable design that integrate contemporary concepts with historic character. Every piece tells a narrative because to the superb craftsmanship. They use quality materials in each project, which not only gives each piece a sumptuous notion, but also a sustainable element. From limestone creations to brass and burnt cherry wood, durability is one of the key factors that has propelled Eichkorn to the forefront of the interior design market.


Highlighted Pieces

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