Robin Berrewaerts

(Brussels, Belgium)
Robin Berrewaerts
Robin Berrewaerts was born in 1991, he works and lives in Brussels, Belgium. He graduated as an interior designer at the LUCA School of Arts in Brussels followed by a postgraduate in furniture design at the Thomas More School in Mechelen. He shares his time between his own atelier and guiding students at the LUCA School of Arts where he is managing the wood and metal workshop. His work is situated between furniture and sculpture with a strong emphasis on materiality and craftsmanship. Ranging from private commissions to exhibitions,products, and sculptures, creating objects with or without any typological or functional constraint. Whether straight from a tree or industrially processed, wood manifests itself in a large variety. For Robin, this creates huge interest in using it as a material. He sees working with wood as a physical interaction between material and artist. It comes with its own processes, techniques, and peculiarities of language and vocabulary. The transformation from a tree to an object resembles a conversation, a journey, looking for the right way to use time and tools. The identity of the wood acts as a guideline from branch, stem, or sawn lumber. Each type needs different approaches which result in unique objects that have grown into something that arouses curiosity. Many of Robin’s works make use of black. The act of making the piece black, whether oxidizing, burning, or painting finalizes the work he has put into the material. It marks the end of the journey. The experience of a black surface is of a physical type, the absorption of light drawn away from the eye, the pupil opens and there is a sense of being pulled into the surface. Experiencing form and details before recognizing the material so the wood itself is not becoming a decorative element.
Robin Berrewaerts


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