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CarmWorks: A conversation between Man and Nature

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Colombian-born and based designer Camilo Andres Rodriguez Marquez has an approach to design and furniture that combines the fortitude of humans and the power of nature and uses these designs as a reflection of our past and our future.

Before returning to Colombia and establishing his design studio, he spent six years in Mexico gaining experience and growing internally. From there, he was able to prototype some of his designs, including the Marques and Dagon Chairs, as well as the Abraxas Chair and his stunning Malick table.

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Thanatos Armchair

How his culture and mindset influence CarmWorks

It's about going past the design and the photography lens. Instead, Camilo takes in everything around him, especially the imperfections and remembrances of the past. Those ancient cultures, lost cities, ceremonial sites, and relics left behind that have stood the test of time. It wasn't to answer the question of how or what, but it was more about the transformation of history itself.

When these structures and monuments first started out, they were perfect, pristine, and even sharp and well crafted. Yet as time goes by, nature intervenes and comes back to absorb creations. These structures don't become ruins but incorporate nature through erosion and longing and give a form for nature to express itself. The inspiration that comes into Camilo doesn't stop there, as that is itself another part of the journey. Everything is in constant motion, and nothing endures forever, not even ourselves.

This is the mindset that is built into every piece Camilo designs and builds. This emotion is channeled from remembering the past and showing how we're simply a reflection of our brief moment in this world without the need to fight for perfection. Ultimately no matter how impeccable we make something, the inevitable flux of change and the persistence of nature takes over.

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Olta Chair

The process of Camilo starts from an idea from within. It's within that absolute power can be found where it's possible to begin understanding what is supreme and maybe not so easy to understand. Form here, the lines, forms, silhouettes, volumes, textures, and sizes form into something that is meaningful and understandable. It truly is a mindful and spiritual process.

Within this realm, Camilo primarily connects with the purity that comes from black and white photography. Combined with the use of vintage lenses, it starts to show the imperfections that our modern times does everything possible to cover up. Then it's all about the creative, whether it's raw analog sounds or simply getting out on the open road through the countryside and merely being in the moment and understanding the flows of the world itself. This helps to craft these objects that speak of elegance and boldness mixed in with humility.

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Abraxas Chair

What are some points of inspiration that Camilo holds dear?

While Camilo himself works to bring the stimulation of inspiration for himself, there are still a few artists out there that have built the pathway he has used on his journey. He prefers not to have other designers of furniture to inspire him and goes for inspiration in other forms of art.

The initial photography works of Joseph Kudelka, the paintings of Pierre Soulages, the electronic music producer Lorn, and the eclectic and deep tales of H.P. Lovecraft as well.

Ancient cultures also play a big part in the inspiration, primarily prehispanic. These ancient civilizations bring that perfect combination of something once perfect, now in a state of imperfection and decay. That then leads to thoughts on mortality and the power of sacred beliefs. These inspirations help flesh out the mindset of Camilo and his works.

When looking for additional inspiration is to go towards the unknown and to go to places not yet visited. Additionally, it's all about developing that clarity of mind on his frequent motorcycle rides and the adrenaline that comes with going faster than normal.

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Yakisugi Stool

What is the strongest tool in Camilo’s Arsenal?

With the constant motion of everything and just how busy Camilo becomes, his most important tool is time. Specifically, the time spent resting or sleeping. Taking that relaxed step to recharge produces a stronger mind that helps generate ideas much more fluidly.

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Abraxas Chair

What’s next on the horizon for Camilo?

Camilo is currently focused on his exploration for new inspiration and ideas and only working on his Carmworks pieces that feel relevant with precision and meaning. He is now going full steam ahead in moving forward and constantly creating.


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